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Business Organizations


Our experienced attorneys have the knowledge and depth of experience to advise clients in all aspects of entity selection, formation, maintenance, and dissolution, as well as all other aspects of entity management and ownership, with an emphasis on avoiding future conflicts within the company.  Our Commercial Transactions practice also offers a full suite of services in connection with buying and selling businesses.

Defining Strengths

The Derbes Law Firm, LLC is uniquely positioned to advise you on your company’s business needs today and into the future because of the experience of its attorneys who also handle general Commercial Transactions as well as Commercial Litigation, operating as a full-service business law firm.

The Derbes Law Firm understands that every new company is not created equally, and the needs of each newly formed entity vary greatly. Some new smaller companies just need advice on entity election and formation, which can generally be performed on a flat fee basis. However, many new companies involve a more complex formation, needing advise on management, taxation, voting, real estate, etc., which work is performed on an hourly fee basis. The firm is adept at navigating clients through issues even when those issues may not be obvious, culminating in corporate governance documents tailored specifically to your new company.


The comprehensive knowledge of the firm’s attorneys on the business organization practice team is the result of a representing a wide variety of business clients, small to large.  The Derbes Law Firm advises clients across a variety of business sectors, including but not limited to real estate, professions (doctors, CPAs, attorneys, & insurance), hospitality, retail, and oil & gas.

The Derbes Law Firm’s results for clients have included the following:

  • We advised an oil & gas service company for decades regarding its entity management issues among shareholders, directors, and officers.
  • We formed a five member, manager managed LLC for a local restaurant. The firm prepared the company’s operating agreement which dealt with issues such as a provision related to the managing member chef, voting and management of the company, as well as change in membership/buyout of membership interests.
  • We formed an LLC for a temporary staffing agency, which qualifies as a women owned, disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE), and minority owned business.
  • We frequently form LLCs for the ownership of real estate. This segregates risk per property. Oftentimes, these LLCs derive from inherited property.



  • Owners (Members, Shareholders, Partners)
  • Officers
  • Directors
  • Companies/Boards