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Care with Confidentiality Clauses

October 22, 2021

By Albert J. Derbes, IV Parties to a contract too often sign without a careful review of the miscellaneous, or boilerplate, clauses at the end of the document.  One of the most problematic instances concerns confidentiality clauses in contracts. A […]


When Should a Will Include a Trust

October 12, 2021

By: Beau P. Sagona, Esq. A Last Will and Testament commonly addresses three items: Who inherits the decedent’s property; Who handles the decedent’s estate; and Who will raise the minor children if both parents are deceased. A fourth item to […]


Making Sense of the Various Types of Bankruptcy

September 12, 2021

By: Frederick L. Bunol  You may have heard references to different types of bankruptcy, such as “Chapter 7” or “Chapter 13”, and wonder what those terms mean.  Below is a short summary of the various bankruptcy chapters. The Bankruptcy Code […]