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Commercial Transactions


Throughout the life of your company, The Derbes Law Firm, LLC can act as External “In-house Counsel.” The firm’s attorney’s provide insight into the impact of a contract on the business (whether contemplated or already executed); such contracts may concern commercial loans, real estate, non-compete agreements, operating agreements, master service agreements, and franchise agreements.

In addition to individual contracts, The Derbes Law Firm advises on the large decisions regarding the sale or acquisition of businesses. Whether you just wish to sell your interest in your business back to the company or to another business partner, or if you are ready to buy a previously existing business from its current owner(s), The firm has a team of attorneys with the experience and know how to advise your through every step of the transaction, from pre-closing to closing and through post-closing matters.

Defining Strengths

Memorializing agreements correctly under the law is the first step to significantly reduce the chance of future litigation. At least as important is having a breadth of legal experience with which to advise clients as to the potential pitfalls of a particular transaction. Our attorneys have that expansive experience because The Derbes Law Firm not only assists our clients with the formation of businesses, but also helps end them (whether in bankruptcy or otherwise). Our attorneys understanding of the entire life cycle of your business underpins our ability to advise you regarding the commercial transactions you contemplate.


The Derbes Law Firm has advised clients across a variety of business sectors as attorneys for buyers, sellers, and business brokers. In connection with buying or selling your business, our team negotiates and drafts all necessary closing documents, which may include, but is not limited to a purchase agreement, act of sale, promissory note, security agreement, UCC-1 financing statement, lease agreement, and employment agreement.

The Derbes Law Firm’s results for clients have included the following:

  • Represented owners of heat pump and hydronic equipment supply company in the seven figure ($1,570,000.00) sale of their business
  • Represented member of two person veterinary clinic LLC in sale of her membership interest back to the company ($925,000.00)
  • Represented multi-location pharmacy in the acquisition of the ownership of an additional pharmacy ($800,000.00) 
  • Represented business broker as closing attorney in the sale of retail establishments 
  • Represented physician in the purchase of an established clinic ($200,000.00)
  • Represented CPA in purchase of an established CPA firm ($830,000.00)



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  • Industrial
  • Real Estate
  • Retail