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Estate Planning


Financial, business, and health matters span all stages of life. Our professionals’ experience in business and financial matters aids our clients in estate planning. Proper estate planning usually includes the preparation of a Last Will and Testament, power of attorney (called a “mandate” in Louisiana), or trust (whether inter vivos or testamentary).  Sometimes difficult situations require the interdiction of a loved one, or the creation of a special needs trust for a disabled family member. The Derbes Law Firm’s estate planning team can properly advise you on the necessary contents of your estate planning documents to accomplish your goals.

Defining Strengths

Our team is led by Beau Sagona, a Louisiana board-certified Estate Planning and Administration Specialist. We understand that every family situation is unique. The team draws upon its knowledge and experience from other practice areas to advise clients how to best plan for death, disability, and diminished capacity. For example, the Derbes Law Firm is able to draft a limited liability company’s operating agreement to comport with the Last Will and Testament of the company’s founder. Our litigation experience allows our team to capably handle interdiction proceedings. Our team can create effective trust document with its combined knowledge of contracts and estate planning.


The Derbes Law Firm’s estate planning team regularly prepares simple wills, wills with trusts, general and medical powers of attorney, revocable and irrevocable trusts, as well as special needs trusts. The team has not only navigated the difficult arena of interdiction proceedings to protect those of diminished capacity but has also successfully defended clients against interdiction attempts by others. 

The Derbes Law Firm’s results for clients have included the following:

  • Preparation of numerous wills with testamentary trusts to protect minor children in the event of both parents dying in a common accident;
  • Preparation of special needs trusts to protect disabled or special needs persons from unnecessary loss of means-tested governmental benefits;
  • Successfully negotiated settlement among four adult children in an interdiction proceeding of their father by utilizing an inter vivos trust to structure the settlement; and
  • Saved clients both accounting and legal fees by advising them against unnecessary revocable trusts.



  • Testators
  • Executors and Administrators of successions
  • Heirs and Legatees of successions
  • Settlors (grantors) of trusts
  • Trustees
  • Beneficiaries
  • Beloveds of Interdictee