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Hourly Rates

Albert J. Derbes, IV, Esq. $495.00/hour
Eric J. Derbes, Esq. $425.00/hour
Wilbur J. “Bill” Babin, Jr. , Esq. $495.00/hour
Beau P. Sagona, Esq. $475.00/hour
Frederick L. Bunol, Esq. $390.00/hour
Mark S. Goldstein, Esq. $495.00/hour
Patrick S. Garrity, Esq. $495.00/hour
Bryan J. O'Neill, Esq. $290.00/hour
Jared S. Scheinuk, Esq. $290.00/hour
McKenna D. Dorais, Esq. $190.00/hour
Hugh J. Posner, C.P.A. $275.00/hour
Notary $100.00/hour
Paralegal(s) $80.00/hour
Legal Assistant $60.00/hour

Effective 1/1/2024 through 12/31/2024

Other Rates

In some matters the Derbes Law Firm will represent a client while being remunerated other than on an hourly fee basis. Any such other basis would be set forth in the engagement letter/fee agreement. Other fee arrangements might be as follows.

Flat Fee

A flat fee is an agreed upon payment for the entire matter or case. This fee arrangement is sometimes employed for a simple will, a simple succession, a debtor’s chapter 7 or chapter 13 filing, a short contract, or in connection with the formation of an entity. The flat fee arrangement is not limited to these matters. Our firm also performs notary work on a flat fee basis.

Contingency Fee

With a contingency fee the law firm takes a percentage of what is recovered, typically one third. The Derbes Law Firm generally expects clients to nonetheless pay out of pocket expenses during the course of the case; such expenses are billed monthly. Contingency fees are often utilized for business disputes and lawsuits, including commercial collections.

Blended Fee

A blended fee arrangement is a fairly new and innovative method. In it the client pays a portion of the published hourly rate (typically one half), as well as the costs, but at the end of the case wherein there is a recovery in favor of the client, the Derbes Law Firm will receive a portion of the recovery (typically one sixth). The blended fee is utilized in lieu of a contingency fee.